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German Panther tank 1/16

 I have updated my tank, that I bought on Ebay for several years ago. The tank is a 1/16 scale German Panther from WW2.


I have removed all the electronic from the tank and replaced it with:

  • Arduino Due CPU system (32 bit, 72 MHz)
  • Dual H bridge motor controller (PWM)
  • Tower turning motor controller (PWM)
  • Servo controlled barrel
  • Two sound cards (one for engine sound and one for sound effects)
  • Machin gun LED firing effect
  • Laser LED for gun assitance
  • Metal tracks and metal wheels

The tank is controller with my DX9 transmitter and are using 8 channels.

Tank electronics

Here is an overview of all the electronics.

Tank inside 

The two speakers fits perfectly under the back grills. It is possible to control the volume from the transmitter.

Speakers Tank - electronics

Tank tracks and wheels

I bought a set of metal tracks on Ebay. They are really good quality and look nice on the tank.

 Metal tracks and wheels Front wheel

Other details

The machine gun has a red LED placed on top of it so the light simulates gun fire. The flashing light together with the machine gun sound is a great effect.

Gun LED effect

The USB plug to update the CPU system is placed on the back together with the main power switch.

USB and power Tank back

Tank video

Here is a video of the tank in action.

Video of tank in action