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3D Printer

I have a Prusa MK3S printer, which I use a lot. It is working perfectly and I print almost everything.

prusa mk3s

Metal working

Here are some pictures of the machines that I use for metal working. Both themill and the lathe are so called mini-lathe and mini-mill which are made by Rotwerk.

The mill is here shown with a special milling head, which can easily be changed to a normal drill chuck.

Mill  Lathe


Here is a picture of my low power zoom microscope, which I can highly recommend. It has a variable zoom from 10x-40x, which can be changed to 40x-160x by changing the lenses. It is very easy to work under the lens, as the picture is not inverted and there is a lot of free high under the lens. I primary use it when I have to solder PBCs, but I am also using it for other purposes. 

The microscope is brought on Ebay, which is my favorite shopping site. The actual model is not important as the data are similar - mine is called Müller and bought in Germany.



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