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Other projects

Here is a list of other small projects.

Test of Lego motor

One of my collages have brought a Lego pneumatic motor, which is tested with pressured air. The motor is able to run 1000 rpm with 4 bar of pressure (the measurement is done without the "wings").

Lego motor

Stone thrower

Small working model of a stone thrower.

Stone thrower model

Sword and shield

I have made a shield and a sword for my nephew. The shield is made of plexiglass, which is painted. The sword is made from wood and painted with a special metal paint.

Shield before paint Sword and shield

Big job for my mill

One of my colleges needed a hole enlarged for he cross table.

Big job

Märklin Railway

I have been helping a kid with building his large Märklin railway. The footprint is 220 x 140 cm. When the railway is not used it can be raised to the ceiling.


The landscape is build by Noch and is called Luzern.

MC Wheel Balancer

I have made some wheel centers for one of my colleague to balance his motorbike wheels.The balancers are made on my lathe in aluminium.

Wheel balancers - production Wheel balancers

Wheel balancers - installed Wheel balancers - installed