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RC Data logger

I have build a datalogger, which can measure voltage and current use for a motor. The board is so small that it can easily be put in a plane or a car.

The data can later be viewed on a small graphics LCD display, which I also have made.

The two main components on the probe is

  • A hall effect sensor (Allegro ACS755PSF-100) which can measure up to 100A with a 500A overload protection.
  • An AVR processor (ATMEGA-88), which among others have a build in 10bit A/D converter.

The probe can measure 0-100A, 7-25V and store 8000 samples with a selectable interval.

Data logger overview


LCD with data

The graph shows both voltage and current. The actual units are in the top line. It is possible to zoom in/out and scroll through the samples.

LCD with graph

Here is the schematic for the datalogger: datalogger_sch.pdf 

Here is the schematic for the LCD control:  lcd_control_sch.pdf