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Nicklas in the workshop

Occasionally an 11 year old boy named Nicklas is working together with me in my workshop, where we build different things together. Most of the work is made by Nicklas and the projects are shown below.

Modelplane A10

Plast model kit. It is glued together, painted and then the decals are added. The kit didn't contain a pilot, so I got one 3D printed.



Roleplaying latex sword

The sword is made from a plastic core which is then covered with sleeping pad, fabric and latex. It has finally got a spray paint.

Sword Sword - Nicklas

Roleplaying shield

Nicklas first made a drawing of the shield which we then scaled. The shield is primary made from plywood which has been painted.

 Shield front Shield arm

The shield padding has been re-inforced with gaffa tape and leather straps. The arm 'holder' is adjustable.

 Shield top Shield holder  Shield in use


Nicklas (now 13) made a drawing of the handle, and then we made the lightsaber. It was quite fun and he was very pleased with the result.

Lightsaber drawing Lightsaber handle


 Light saber with sound

We have made a new light saber with sound effects. The handle is mainly 3D printed and the electronics is made with Arduino and based on a project called GyverSaber which I found on the internet. I have made a video of the saber: https://youtu.be/DbYsRi6VJeU

 Light saber 

It is possible to remove the 'saber' part, so it can be carried in the belt.

Light saber handle

Here are most of the parts that are used to build the saber:

Light saber parts

Light saber electronic Light saber opened