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RC Submarine: Trimming

The sub marine was put into my special made test tub and trimmed to level both a sea level and submerged.

Tub test


To make it easier to transport the sub, I have made a transport box to it.


The sub marine was then taken to the local lake (Furesø). First I tested it at sea level and it was sailing ok, but the propeller took in a lot of air because it was so near the surface. The extended rudders worked well and the sub was able to turn without problems.

I then lowered the sub so only the sail was over water and started the motor. The sub immediately dived, so I turned off the motor and it returned to the surface again. After some trimming of the rear diving planes it was clear, that if it should stay on the surface, then the sub needs to sail in a 30 degree angle!

My conclusion for the moment is, that I need to add the forward dive planes.